This pool was taking too much space and was stuck in the past. The pool shape was changed and the pool completely renovated in a modern slimline style & colours.

Changing the Shape of a Swimming Pool

In this article we look at the process of changing the shape of a swimming pool.

Can a swimming pool shape be changed?

In short the answer is yes, usually only if the swimming pool is a concrete structure. Changing the shape of a swimming pool can be very challenging, concrete steps & seats or ledges can easily be added. If a swimming pool is too deep then the pool floor can be raised to reduce the depth.

Have a look below at the before and after photos of changing a swimming pool shape.

Before and After photo Gallery

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Swimming-pool-shape-change-painting-painter-renovations-Melbourne-resufacing-tiling-tiler-tiles-paving-pebble Swimming Pool Shape Change - Local Pool Renovations
Swimming Pool Shape Modification

This swimming pool used to be an outdoor pool built in 1970's, one of the original owners had extended the house & constructed a room around the swimming pool, essentially making it a part of the home in order to be able to use the pool all year.

The house was bought and the new home owners decided it was time to renovate the house and the swimming pool.

One of the problems they were facing was having limited walking space around the pool, the other problem was that the pool was well and truly outdated and it needed revamping.

We attended the home to quote the pool & helped the owner through the decisions and planning process.

We suggested that the pool shape could be modified & the owner agreed that the shape had to be changed in order to gain the extra walking space around the pool but also to modernise the swimming pool and bring it into this century.

As you can see in this photo gallery, lots and lots of hard work went into modifying this swimming pool.

New reo-bars had to be installed into the shell of the swimming pool, as well as breaking into the original concrete shell to reach the existing reo bars within the concrete structure, the new reinforcement bars were anchored onto the existing steel in order to establish strength and help prevent separation of the new concrete.

Once this was complete the formwork went up and the concrete was poured in then vibrated to release any air pockets and compact the concrete further.

The essentials of the swimming pool stayed the same.

The original skimmer box and its location remained the same, this also applied to the main-drain on the pool floor, the pool light locations changed to suit the shape of the pool.

The pool depth in the swimming pool was not changed.

Can the depth of a pool be changed?

Yes, though changing the pool depth of a concrete pool may seem relatively straight forward there are things that should first be considered.

The depth of a swimming pool may be standard to the building codes that apply to your state, in this case there may be some flexibility toward changing the depth of a swimming pool in the deep end, but there may be no way to change the lessen the depth in the shallow end.

Most customers usually request to change the depth of a swimming pool because they have young children, this concern is understandable, however we usually advise that children will grow but the pool won't get deeper...

In the scenario of changing the depth of the shallow end we would usually only make recommendations in cases that may apply to people with disabilities. 

There are other options other than raising the pool floor.


  • Pool steps.
  • Seating.
  • Swim-outs.
  • Ledges.
  • Pool Ladders.

Can a swimming pool be made bigger?

There are challenges to enlarging the size of a swimming pool.

In order to increase the pool size, the pool shell will likely be cut open in order to extend the length or width of the swimming pool, whilst it can be done, this is a far more costly procedure than reducing the size of a pool, adding to the size of the pool will also require extensive waterproofing work.

A great suggestion...

If you have a Spa that is attached to the swimming pool, you may consider having the wall that separates the spa from the pool removed in order to increase the pool size, while this will reduce the heating of your spa, you will have a bigger swimming pool and a little getaway seating section that can also be used as a relaxation corner and kids play area.

Can a swimming pool be made smaller?

Yes, making a pool smaller is very common, there may be some limits to what can be done as you should only reduce areas that are capable of withstanding the additional weight placed on the pool structure.

Most commonly, older pools may have lots of curved areas and little sections that may be cut off on an angle. This type of modification can also update a swimming pool to look more modern, which is a very common request in the pool renovation industry.

Does the pool interior surface have to be re-done after changing the pool shape?

Yes, a swimming pool that has been modified in shape and size will require the pool interior to be updated.

The added concrete to the pool structure will need to be covered and finding matching tiles or quartzon interiors is near impossible, if you are considering changing the shape of your pool you must be prepared to renovate your swimming pool tiles, pool interior and the coping around the top of your pool, the coping may apply to modifications that are level to the rest of your pool, if the changes are under the water only the tiles or the pool render work may need to be done.