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Pool Renovations Melbourne

Pool Resurfacing & Restorations

We are a Melbourne renovations business that specialise in Swimming pool restorations & resurfacing.

Local Pool Renovations can renovate or repair your pool. 
Our pool restoration service ranges from swimming pool tiling to pool painting & interior resurfacing. 

LPR is a family of 3rd generation swimming pool renovators with experience dating back to the 1970's, you are guaranteed reliable information and a high-quality service. 

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Tile or pebble resurface your pool in winter

We offer pool tiling, pool painting & the restoration of marblesheen, quartzon & pebble pool interiors with our pool resurfacing option. 

You can select what you need done from our what we do list for more information. 

Our Experience

Marblesheen-waterline-tiles-swimming-pool-before Melbourne Swimming Pool Renovations
Marblesheen-waterline-tiles-swimming-pool Melbourne Swimming Pool Renovations

Direct to the tradesmen

Skip the pool builder that comes to your door and speak directly to the pool renovators that will be working in your pool. 

We strive for perfection, we have used each renovation experience as a learning curve, we can see what happens to swimming pools over time &  through others tradesmen’s methods. 

We see what works and what doesn't work every single day, so we are confident that when we renovate swimming pools, our renovations will last and our pools will stand the test of time. 

At LPR we pride ourselves on our work ethic & great reputation. 
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We offer you honest prices with unbeatable quality. 

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Pool Renovation Guide

Renovating a swimming pool is not a simple process, true professionals will make it look easy, but a swimming pool makeover is not just the redecoration of the pools colour, it’s also the inspection & rehabilitation of the pool structure.

Most major pool restorations will require removal of the current pool surface, revealing the concrete shell of the swimming pool so the rebuilding can begin.

The pool renovator will need to know what to look out for, there may be problems not normally visible to the untrained eye, it’s about understanding what has changed or deteriorated & how to avoid any problems re-occurring once the overhaul is complete.

A swimming pool may require repairs to the structure in order for the resurfacing to be long lasting, having comprehensive knowledge about which materials to use in certain circumstances is essential.

Pool-Tiling-Melbourne Melbourne Swimming Pool Renovations
Pool-Tiling-Melbourne-after Melbourne Swimming Pool Renovations

For most pool owners remodelling a pool is all about the end result, we understand that & we cater to the wants of our customers while we also maintain that the integrity of the pool structure is a priority so that our customers can enjoy the finished pool for years to come.

Updating a swimming pool is an exciting process, it presents the opportunity to rethink the building process & redevelop the swimming pool surface to a higher standard.

Upgrading tiles & pool interiors will always modernise the swimming pool, but it’s what the pool renovators do in the preparation that makes all the difference.

We pride ourselves not only in the rehabilitation of how your pool looks, but also on the improvement of how long the pool surface will last, we make it a key priority to always give you honest advice based on what your pool needs & not necessarily what sells best.

When choosing a pool renovation specialist for the reconditioning of your swimming pool, always have a list of any questions ready, not only will you learn more about the pool renovation process, but you will also discover if the person you are talking with has the knowledge to back up the work they might be hired to do.

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