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Bar Stools in a swimming pool are a great addition as an entertainment area, with more televisions being installed outdoors it's the perfect way to relax in the heat and watch the sports or shows you love.

Pool Bar Stools & Waterline tiles

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Can bar stools be installed in a swimming pool?

Yes! The best swimming pool bar stools are concrete & embedded into the pool shell, they can be added during a swimming pool renovation. 

Removable bar stools are temporary, will age and are dangerous since they can topple over and swimmers especially children will try jump off them, so swimming pool bar stools should be as secure as possible. 

Metal bar stools need to be bolted into the concrete and will loosen with time, besides this, anything made of metal in a swimming pool or within close proximity of a swimming pool will need to be electrically earthed according to regulations, check what regulations apply in your state as they may differ depending on your location.

Swimming Pool Bar Stool installation

Swimming pool bar stools are a great addition to a swimming pool, especially if there is no spa attached and you are looking to entertain and relax in you swimming pool.

This customer requested a complete pool renovation with an additonal request to build a bar inside the swimming pool. What we did:Modified the shallow side of the pool by making it 650mm larger to create the arm rests and bar-top area.

  • Built three custom made concrete Bar stools.
  • Pool Bluestone Coping.
  • Waterline tiling.
  • Resurfaced the pool interior.
  • Tiled the bar stools and the edges of the steps.
  • Finished the stool seat / top using a flamed non-slip black granite.

A drinking bar inside a pool is not a very common request, but it certainly adds to the entertainment area!