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Our Pool Painting Process

  • We empty out the swimming pool water using our own submersible pump.
  • Once empty the pool is empty we high pressure wash the entire pool surface. 
  • We wash the swimming pool using hydrocholoric acid. 
  • We check the whole pool for any repairs that might be needed (Including to the pool tiles) 
  • Repair of holes, cracks, leaks and replace missing or cracked tiles. 
  • Then repeat the washing process and check the pool again. 
  • We allow the pool surface to dry in preparation for the swimming pool paint application. 
  • If the pool has not been previously painted we first apply a sealer to the pool surface. 
  • Then we apply two coats of epoxy pool paint. (3rd coat of paint is a good idea and optional) 
  • To finish we replace the swimming pool's hydrostatic valve, and we also replace all swimming pool fittings if your current fittings are removable. 
  • There is a one week drying time after painting the swimming pool. (The paint is dry in a matter of hours, but there is a 7 day allowance to set properly prior to filling with water.) 
  • After the weeks drying time we return for inspection and then commence filling the pool with water.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time of year to paint a swimming pool?


We can quote painting your swimming pool anytime of the year, however the right time to paint your pool is when the weather is warmer & is suitable for painting.

In Melbourne we start Painting swimming pools in late October & usually stop around Mid-April.

Usually to paint a pool we need at least 4 days without rain and the temperature to be above 18 degrees.

Blue Pool Paint

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