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Pebble is a smooth rendered pool interior that can last up 16 years+ outlasting most other rendered pool surfaces. It's a product that is the perfect solution for pool surfaces that are falling off.

Resurfacing a Pool Interior

Pool_Resurfacing_Tiled_Renovation Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing / renovations

What is a Pebble interior?

Described as an Ultra-Smooth Pebble, Pebble is a cement based pool render, a smooth non-slip pool interior that outlasts many other rendered pool surfaces! 
Pebble interiors are used to resurface marblesheen & quartzon swimming pools.

When should a pool be resurfaced?

When the current pool interior is no longer looking good & might have some discolouration, then it is time to resurface.

Quartzon tends to come off by rubbing it, round cracked areas might appear and some quartzon may even come off.

Marble-sheen may also crumble a little, become discoloured and the concrete might start showing through.

With both these pool interiors there is also a chance that black algae is starting to show and balancing a swimming pool may become difficult.

Can a swimming pool be resurfaced?

If you have a concrete pool, Yes.

Pebble can be done over many different type of pools surfaces, though in some cases removal of the pool surface might be necessary.

When we resurface a pool with our Pebble interior we always check for and remove hollow pool interiors which is common with Quartzon and Marble-sheen pool interiors, we also remove paint and rust problems from swimming pools in order to establish a strong foundation and deliver a high quality finish to every swimming pool resurface.

What is the best colour for my pool?

Pebble Interiors come in a variety of different colours. 
We have an extended range aside from what is displayed online.

The full size images of the Pebble are magnified, the actual product is small and fine in actual size.

The actual size of the pebble resembles closer to what is displayed in the thumbnails below.

Pool-Interior-Maintenance-Rating Swimming Pool Resurfacing

3.5 Star Maintenance Rating
This means that with some general maintenance you can make this interior last even longer!

Pool Interior Colours

The full size images of the Ultra-Smooth Pebble are magnified & is much smaller in actual size.

Beach-pool-interior Swimming Pool Resurfacing


Skye-White-pool-interior Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Sky White

Grey-pool-interior Swimming Pool Resurfacing


Green-pool-interior Swimming Pool Resurfacing


Skye-Blue-pool-interior Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Sky Blue

Light-Blue-pool-interior Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Light Blue

Pacific-Blue-pool-interior Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Pacific Blue

Cobalt-Blue-pool-interior Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Cobalt Blue

Royal-Blue-pool-interior Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Royal Blue

Pool Interior Colours

Swimming pool interior colours can vary depending on your screen, the examples should serve only as a guide and not as a definite effect of the colour you are seeking to achieve for your swimming pool, other factors you should consider is the location of your swimming pool & if the pool is indoors or outdoors.

The photos below show the effect on the colour of the swimming when it is filled with water.

Pool resurfacing colours

The best way to make a choice of swimming pool colour is to first decide if to choose a light colour or a dark colour for the setup of the backyard and landscaping.
Once this has been decided, choosing the colour becomes easier.
There are many colours to choose from, but the colour choice will not affect the swimming pools effect on the yard more than how light or dark the colour is. 
For example, there are many light blue colour choices, in reality no matter which of the light blue is chosen many of the pools may end up looking the same colour because of the tone and depth of the colour is what will decide the final finish once the pool is full of water.