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 Remodeling the shape of a swimming pool 

Can a swimming pool shape be changed?

In short the answer is yes, usually only if the swimming pool is a concrete structure. Changing the shape of a swimming pool can be very challenging, concrete steps & seats or ledges can easily be added. If a swimming pool is too deep then the pool floor can be raised to reduce the depth.

To view photos of pool shape change projects, scroll past the information below.

Can the depth of a pool be changed?

Yes, though changing the pool depth of a concrete pool may seem relatively straight forward there are things that should first be considered.

The depth of a swimming pool may be standard to the building codes that apply to your state, in this case there may be some flexibility toward changing the depth of a swimming pool in the deep end, but there may be no way to change the lessen the depth in the shallow end.

Most customers usually request to change the depth of a swimming pool because they have young children, this concern is understandable, however we usually advise that children will grow but the pool won't get deeper...

In the scenario of changing the depth of the shallow end we would usually only make recommendations in cases that may apply to people with disabilities. 

There are other options other than raising the pool floor.

Alternative Options:

  • Bar stools
  • Pool steps.
  • Seating.
  • Swim-outs.
  • Ledges.
  • Pool Ladders.

Can a swimming pool be made bigger?

There are challenges to enlarging the size of a swimming pool.

In order to increase the pool size, the pool shell will likely be cut open in order to extend the length or width of the swimming pool, whilst it can be done, this is a far more costly procedure than reducing the size of a pool, adding to the size of the pool will also require extensive waterproofing work & is not recommended.

A great suggestion...

If you have a Spa that is attached to the swimming pool, you may consider having the wall that separates the spa from the pool removed in order to increase the pool size, while this will reduce the heating of your spa, you will have a bigger swimming pool and a little getaway seating section that can also be used as a relaxation corner and kids play area.

Can a swimming pool be made smaller?

Yes, making a pool smaller is very common, there may be some limits to what can be done as you should only reduce areas that are capable of withstanding the additional weight placed on the pool structure.

Most commonly, older pools may have lots of curved areas and little sections that may be cut off on an angle. This type of modification can also update a swimming pool to look more modern, which is a very common request in the pool renovation industry.

Is resurfacing needed after changing the pool shape?

Yes, a swimming pool that has been modified in shape and size will require the pool interior to be updated.

The added concrete to the pool structure will need to be covered and finding matching tiles or quartzon interiors is near impossible, if you are considering changing the shape of your pool you must be prepared to renovate your swimming pool tiles, pool interior and the coping around the top of your pool, the coping may apply to modifications that are level to the rest of your pool, if the changes are under the water only the tiles or the pool render work may need to be done.

Can you change the shape of an existing pool?

Many people ask “is it possible to change the depth or shape of a swimming pool?” 
Yes,  It's possible to change the depth and shape of your swimming pool without having to build a new pool, there may be structural limitations that may need to be respected, so in reality the true answer is decided once the pool has been inspected.

Examples of pool shape changes

Here you can view concrete changes done to swimming pool shapes.

Addition of steps and ledge to a swimming pool.

Crack around the top of swimming pool tiles

Noticed a crack around the top of your swimming pool tiles? 

Typically, in order to have tiles level with the water, tiles need to be slightly higher that the concrete shell of a swimming pool. These are known as waterline tiles.

Once the waterline tiles are done the pool shell is meant to be rendered prior to installing the coping, when that mortar separates, it makes your coping hollow and sometimes also moves forward causing a crack on the pool waterline tiles.

Sometimes for various reasons, the pool shell has to be made higher, this could be because it was too low after the first build or maybe because volcanic rocks that were removed and the pool shell was built up in previous renovations.

See this image to understand how the tiles are installed, where the pool shell is & where the render / mortar is laid.


As you can see in the above image, the blue tiles are higher than the concrete of the pool.

When the Render/mortar separates it can affect your tiles, sometimes it makes a horizontal crack along the top row of tiles, this can also occur to the second row.

It is also typical to the see the tiles hanging further forward than the tiles beneath them.

See below image as an example.

cracked-fallen-swimming-pool-tiles Swimming Pool Shape Change

In the above image, you can see the calcium build up on the first row of tiles, the first horizontal grout line has a large crack and there is also grout missing in section, on the right of the image, near the corner there is a tile that has fallen off.

This problem will get worse with time if it's not repaired, some pools have this issue at a far more advanced stage & this problem should be dealt with as quickly as possible.