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Tiled swimming pool

Best pool tilers in Melbourne

Our training in pool tiling has stemmed from one the most sought after swimming pool tilers in Melbourne & growing up with a dad that is respected in the pool industry has helped us understand exactly what needs to be done to create amazing tiled swimming pools.

Our dad has always taught us, "If you are going to be a swimming pool tiler, then tile every swimming pool like it belongs to you, this way every customer will always be happy, and that is how you become the best swimming pool tiler."
Pool-Tiler-Best-Melbourne-Tile-Application Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne When you call us, you have the peace of mind that you have contacted a family primarily of swimming pool tilers, right here in Melbourne.
Swimming pool renovations are done best when fully tiled, your swimming pool always looks brand new! 

Fully Tiled Pools

Fully Tiled Swimming Pool Before and after

How long do pool tiles last?

Swimming Pool Tiles are the pinnacle of pool interiors, durable & elegant. 

Ceramic / Porcelain pool tiles are a high-end pool interior finish that have been used since the days of the Roman Empire.

Pool tiles have the best durability of any other pool interior surface, so throughout the ages tiles have continued to be the must have interior of every swimming pool...
This of course also depends on the swimming pool tiler, that is why we are a registered member of the Pool Trades Group which recognises the experience of their members in the pool industry.

Tiling_swimming_pools_Melbourne_Tilers-lg Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Can my pool be tiled?

If you have a concrete pool shell then congratulations the answer is yes, regardless of your current pool surface the preparation work needed to tile your pool can be done.

Full-tiled-pool-spa Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Swimming Pool Waterline Tiling

Tiles can be placed on the top of the pool along the “Waterline” or the whole pool surface can also be “Fully Tiled”.

If you are considering doing waterline tiles with a rendered or painted pool interior, then you can contrast the colour of the interior with darker tiles around the top of the pool, a darker colour tile is recommended as it will help your interior stand out giving your pool a more modern effect by defining the edges.

Waterline-tiles-Swimming-pool-tiling Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Does a pool need tiles around it?

Does a pool need tiles around the top?

Known as waterline tiles because the tiles surround the top of the pool on the water edge.

Waterline tiles are recommended around the top of the pool, this is because of what we call the "coffee mug effect".

Your swimming pool is filled with water that changes its chemical balance constantly, leaving a water stain around the top of the pool walls.

If you don't have waterline tiles then floating dirt and leaves tend to stick to the sides of the pool leaving a darker stain around the top of your swimming pool because of the absorbency and texture of the rendered interior of the pool.

Ceramic/porcelain waterline tiles substantially reduce this effect, helping your pool look newer & cleaner for longer whilst also reducing the frequency to need a clean, this resistance also applies to fully tiled swimming pools.

How long do swimming pool tiles last?

Fully tiled pools have a reputation for having lifespans in excess of over 30 years!

We have renovated many pool throughout the years, and only a couple of times had we ever needed to re-tile a fully tiled pool, this should serve as a testament to how long they last!

Can my pool tiles be repaired?

Aside from renovating tiled swimming pools, in some instances we can also repair the pool tiling and delay needing a complete renovation.

Usually when pool tiles need repairing it is a sign of a bigger problem behind the tiles, repairing the tiles can delay the deterioration process.

We have a great collection of pool tiles from jobs over the years so if you do not have any spare tiles, we might be able to save the day!

Give us a call or email us a photo of your pool tiles and see if have anything to match the repairs with.

Best swimming pool tiler in Melbourne

A good swimming pool tiler is someone that knows swimming pools.

It's not enough to just know how to put glue on tiles. The best swimming pool tiler will understand how swimming pools work.
We have seen many cases when customers have chosen the "cheaper quote" only for us to be called back within months to repair the work of people that have claimed to be pool tilers and didn't have any experience! Which is why we have joined the Pool Trades Group so we can prove to you that we are experience in our field of expertise.

Swimming Pool Tile Range

A few tiles samples... More available by request.

Pool Tiles Melbourne

Swimming Pool Tile Colours & Options

CS_Black_ceramic_pool_tile Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Black Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

28871f5aca5b58ec8e14c5e14198f638 Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Charcoal Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

89c373100f24694148c80d89d5f79395 Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Deep Blue Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

ee6845bd2cda3fb64ea50eb01d7dbc73 Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Duck Blue Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

823e71c95cc772f7e2871d1049ac6a7d Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Emerald Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

a2fde4d5c2b8fa3610849f3b45f3244a Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Green Jade Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

c7acfdcbb21f0eb73de2d4f3dd9f7007 Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Marine Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

0bd9f09e01297b04183eafe6c04759a0 Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Navy Blue Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

4c73dc4321885bc526d326e64b49c41a Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Ocean Blue Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

f469981c2728f48c5c4d00d3ac9e7b45 Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Power Blue Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

c3710f73f7202588c98d561cb7aae97c Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

Slate Grey Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

48ce9516af41a962d0e6c860b14d0688 Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne

White Ceramic Pool Tile
Distributor: CST

Melbourne-pool-tiling-company Swimming Pool Tiler Melbourne