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What is the best pool interior? Our customer Peter did his own research and found that going fully tiled was the best pool interior possible for longevity, maintenance & magnificent looks.

Fully Tiled Pool Renovation

Swimming pool tiling renovation

Our customer Peter did his own research and found that having a fully tiled pool was the best pool interior possible in achieving superior longevity, easy maintenance & magnificent looks.

We took on the work & due to the sheer size of this pool I enlisted the assistance of a pool tiling veteran, Eugene’s Pool & Spa Renovations.
My father Eugene and I worked diligently on every detail of this pool tiling renovation, a magical job and moment in time I feel very proud of.

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Tiled Pool Renovation

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Tiling Renovation

This pool was built in the 80's and the customer was looking to renovate the pool so that he could entertain his grandchildren, it was in pretty bad shape and the paint inside the pool was worn and the tiles around the waterline were coming off.

Our customer wanted to bring the pool back to its former glory, through his own research he learnt that completely tiling a pool was the best option, this is because tiles last longer than any other surface, requires less maintenance & balancing the chemicals is easier because the water balance seems to remain more stable, therefore the time between balancing is longer.
He asked us to remove the fern between the pool steps and the spa because it was making the water dirty, so we suggested he make the spa bigger and add a safety rail between the pool and spa to make it easier to get in and out (The customer was in his early 90's).

We removed the paint as much as possible and rendered the walls of the pool to straighten them out a bit more, the spa was made bigger and the pool was ready to start getting tiled.Pool TilesWe tiled this swimming pool with a "Powder Blue" ceramic pool tiles, inside the spa the top row was done in a "Duck Blue" ceramic tile.

Here you can view more information about pool tiles.

For the coping pavers we used a teak sandstone, the same sandstone was used to tile the floor of the spa and the steps of the pool.
Tiling Sandtone to be submerged underwater requires a fair amount of preparation, the sandstone was sealed 5 times with a penetrate sealer & they were tiled with an industrial strength adhesive with extra additives mixed in, but it was worth it, the underwater sandstone truly gave this pool a wow factor. 

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