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Indoor Swimming Pool Renovation

This swimming pool was completely renovated & resurfaced with a fine pebble interior.

What we did...

  • Waterline tiles.
  • Poolside paving paint over the pebblecrete coping.
  • Resurfaced the pool interior.

The customer was very happy with our work, we left the work area clean and ready to use, by cleaning it ourselves and also hiring professional cleaners to give the pool room walls and windows a final shine.

Click on a photo below for a closer look...
Poolside paving paint before renovation Poolside paving paint renovation Interior resurfacing before Interior resurfacing after Remodel repair pool before Remodel Repair Pool After Resurfacing Swimming Pool Before Resurfacing Swimming Pool After

Indoor Pool Renovation

Having an indoor pool in Melbourne is great, the pool can be enjoyed all year long!

This swimming pool was built in the early 80's and as per normal... a Marblesheen interior was used, the swimming pool tiles were falling off and rust was appearing through the Pebblecrete around the top of the pool coping.

Renovating an indoor swimming pool is a dream come true for pool renovators in Melbourne... Winter being the perfect time to get things done without the stress of the summer rush, if you have an indoor pool contact us for a free quote!

The process

LPR renovated this pool by removing all the pool tiles and tiling the waterline of the pool and the edge of the steps.

The Pebblecrete had all the rust removed and repaired, we rendered the Pebblecrete then finished it with Poolside Paving Paint in a Platinum Grey colour.

Resurfaced with a white pebble interior the pool looked brand new again!