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Poolside Paving Paint 


Local Pool Renovations is proud to introduce Poolside Paving Paint.

Poolside Paving Paint is an excellent choice that won't break your budget.

If you have ever considered repairing or replacing stone paving or coping but have shied away from the cost, then Poolside Paving Paint is what you are searching for.

With 15 colours to choose from and our unique surface preparation & application method, we know you will be amazed at the difference.

Poolside Paving Paint is a water-based, rubberized, non-slip coating system.

Luxapool coping paint is safe and durable. Suitable for most pool coping, pebbled or concrete paved surfaces.

Like most paving paint, some care & maintenance is required, however Poolside paving paint is resistant to harsh pool chemicals, especially when sealed, making this a great product & the best paint for concrete swimming pool coping.


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Pool Coping Paint
2.5 Star Maintenance Rating 

Paving Paint Maintenance Rating

Our range of Pool Paving Paint:

Select an image below to take a closer look. Colours may look different on your screen, so call us to view the colours in person.

Paving Paint Arctic WhiteArctic White

Paving Paint ArnhemArnhem

Paving Paint BlackBlack

Paving Paint Brown StoneBrown Stone

Paving Paint CharcoalCharcoal

Paving Paint KakaduKakadu

Paving Paint lt greyLight Grey

Paving Paint MerinoMerino

Paving Paint Mist GreenMist Green

Paving Paint Newport BlueNewport

Paving Paint Platinum GreyPlatinum Grey

Paving Paint Rich RedwoodRed Richwood

Paving Paint RiversandRiversand

Paving Paint Sports GreenSports Green

Paving Paint Winter BrownWinter Brown