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This swimming pool is painted using Epoxy Pool Paint & the surroundings are done with Poolside paving paint. View photos of what is possible to achieve.

Painted Swimming Pool

The preparation work is the most important part of swimming pool painting, the time invested in preparing the job is what will ultimately give the best results.

Epoxy Pool Painting

This swimming pool had not been painted in over 10 years.

The Pebblecrete surrounding the pool was cracked, broken and completely unsightly.

What renovation work was done to this swimming pool?

Repairs to cracks
Waterline tiles
Poolside paving paint
Epoxy Painted pool interior
New pool LED light installation

This pool was renovated with waterline tiles, 3 coats of Luxapool pool paint & and a great product known as PoolSide Paving Paint to cover the deteriorated pebble.

Having 3 coats of pool paint is obviously better than the standard 2 coats of swimming pool paint, the 3rd coat of paint can essentially add another 3 years to the life your pool surface.

New pool cleaning equipment had been installed & a brand new three colour LED pool light.

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