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Stone coping is a long lasting option to decorate the space around the pool edge.

There are many paver options and here you will see a few of our recommended choices.

Online samples are not as accurate as viewing the stone in person.


What is Pool Coping?

Swimming pool coping is the finishing touch to every swimming pool, it can be done in many ways by concreting, timber decking or using bricks, though the most popular is using stone, the stones strength and versatility to all pool shapes makes it by far the most used pool coping, the most common stone used at the moment is bluestone, though there is a wider variety of colours with sandstone that also looks really good.

Pool coping is the capping surrounding the top of a swimming pool sitting directly on top of the pool tiles, the coping can also be used over the spillway between the pool & spa.

The pool coping is usually 20mm thick, though some customers choose 30mm 

Pool coping is available in a wide range of sizes and usually gets cut to size when being installed around a swimming pool.

Pool Coping, Sandstone
Pool Coping replacement & installation

At LPR we have a unique and long lasting pool coping installation method that has been passed on within the family from one generation to the next.

Over the years we have always been called upon to do renovations and repairs, from what we had seen we have also learnt how laying coping shouldn't be done, this has helped us further improve our methods and product selection as we are always striving for perfection.

We aim to deliver quality workmanship for all our customers to enjoy their pool surround for years to come.


5 Star Maintenance Rating - This means that coping tiles are easy to maintain!

Paving Maintenance Rating


Natural stone

Natural stone can vary in colouring throughout the stone and in thickness.

The stone is natural and therefore has a non-slip effect as the surface of the stone is textured.

Natural bluestoneBluestone

Rainbow sandstoneRainbow

Sandstone natural ivory non-slipIvory

Sandstone natural Mango non-slipMango

Teakwood SandstoneTeak

Honed stone

Honed stone provides more consistent colouring and thickness.

The stone is smoothed out to eliminate the natural texture, however the stone is still non-slip.

Bluestone honedHoned Bluestone

Rainbow honed sandstoneHoned Rainbow

Honed Ivory SandstoneHoned Ivory

Honed mango sanstoneHoned Mango

Natural Stone vs. Honed stone - close up view

Select an image below to zoom in.

Sandstone Natural Mango

Sandstone Honed Mango

 Grout lines

We don't like grout lines!

Our level of professionalism in our opinion is higher than most, when we do pool coping our aim is to make it as seamless as possible.

At every opportunity we work the stone to suit the edge of your swimming pool and avoid having unnecessary grout lines.

Coping stone cut to the shape of your swimming pool.

At LPR we cut the stone to suit the shape of your swimming pool and try to maintain an even overhang throughout the pool.

We know it looks best this way and it helps us avoid creating too many unwanted grout lines.

Can stone be cut round?

Yes, our round cuts are something we are proud of on a personal and professional level, cutting the toughest of stones round is no easy task but we love the challenge every time, see the coping on this fully tiled pool below.

Bluestone installation cut to the shape of the swimming pool.

(Bluestone is not naturally this colour unless wet or sealed with a wet stone sealer.)
Coping Paving cut to swimming pool shape Melbourne

Cut to shape pool coping paving Melbourne

Coping & Paving

There are many stones to choose from, here you can follow these links to some trusted sources of natural stone in Melbourne.



Premier Pavers



Sandstone Coping

Coping Round Edges Cuts Custom Pool Pavers SandstonePool Coping Spill way Spa Sandstone

















Pool coping custom made to the shape of the swimming pool, Sandstone installed on the steps of the pool and floor/seat of the Spa and Spillway.