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This swimming pool had a Marblesheen interior, the interior was hollow and cracking. Two different coloured tiles were used in this fully tiled renovation.

Fully Tiled Pool Resurfacing

Tiling a painted pool

This swimming pool had a painted Marblesheen interior, the interior render was hollow and cracking. The waterline pool tiles were starting to fall off, the surrounding coping was a Pebblecrete mix that was also cracking, there were no existing pool lights and no seat in which to enjoy sitting in the spa!

The quality of a fully tiled pool is undeniable, this pool was fully tiled with two different colour ceramic tiles, light blue pool tiles in the pool interior with dark blue tiles around the waterline / the edge of the pool steps and the edge of the newly built spa seats.

The Pebblecrete coping was removed and the pool coping was re-done with Natural Sandstone.

Tiled Pool Renovation

Renovation of a painted pool converted into a fully tiled pool.

This fully tiled swimming pool is located in Hampton Victoria