swimming pool privacy Bamboo ScreenTypical Lazaway swimming pool, we assumed it was 30 years old, it turned out to be 10 years old, Lazaway pool builders built it... so we had to renovate everything.

Interior Resurfacing with Skye Pebble

Lazaway Pool Renovation

This Lazaway pool was deteriorated to the point of no repair.

A complete renovation was the only option, so we went back down to the concrete pool shell and started from scratch. 

The quartzon interior was very deteriorated and falling of the pool surface with the slightest touch.

We resurfaced this pool with ultra-smooth Skye Pebble, It's not quartzon... It's better.


What we did to this pool...

  • Waterproofing.
  • Waterline tiles.
  • Skye Ultra-Smooth Pebble interior. 
  • LED swimming pool light.
  • Complete Sandstone Coping and Paving surrounds.
  • High quality Bamboo & Merbau screening to finish off the Balinese dream pool this customer requested.

This swimming needed a renovation, but this customer now has a brand new swimming pool & Backyard!

Click on a photo below for a closer look...
waterline tiles brick coping and quartzon interior spa Pool Resurfacing Melbourne before waterline tiles brick coping and quartzon interior bamboo screening after waterline tiles brick coping and pebble interior 2 bamboo screening Before waterline tiles brick coping and quartzon interior after waterline tiles brick coping and pebble interior 4 bamboo screening Pool Renovation Melbourne after waterline tiles brick coping and pebble interior bamboo screening

Complete Pool Renovation 

This Lazaway swimming pool had something wrong everywhere.

Here is some general information of this swimming pool and what we had to do.


Quartzon Pool Interior Problems

The quartzon interior felt rough, everywhere we touched the quartzon it was crumbling in our hands and falling to the bottom of the swimming pool floor, we removed the quartzon completely right down the concrete shell of this pool, this swimming pool was resurfaced with Pebble, we don't trust other pool interiors more! You can view more information of our pebble interior in the Pool Interior Resurfacing page.


Pool Tiles

The tiles in this pool where generally ok, expect that a couple of tiles had fallen of here and there, we replaced the waterline tiles in the pool & Spa, we also laid tiles on the edges of the swimming pool steps, spa seats and beach area in the swimming pool. It is normally best when resurfacing a swimming pool to consider replacing the pool waterline tiles, when a pool has been resurfaced through us the interior will be lasting a very long time, so if the old tiles are left behind there is a risk that the old waterline may need to be redone, get it all done at the same time, so that you don't have to do it all again. You can view more information on pool tiles in our Pool Tiling Melbourne page.


Pool Leak

There was a leak in the pool on the long wall next to the neighbours fence, this pool leak was causing the neighbours backyard lawn to soften and made it muddy to walk through, so this pool was completely waterproofed prior to resurfacing. If you suspect you have a swimming pool leak, you can read some information on how to confirm if you have a pool leak and what to do in our Pool Leak page.



Lazaway built this pool roughly in 2003! The brick coping was completely out dated, bricks should never have been used in the first place this was common practice in the early to mid 90's but bricks around the pool tend to loosen and lift, usually bricks are laid with mortar, coping should always be laid with an industrial strength adhesive, we removed the bricks and leveled the concrete surrounding the swimming pool, mango sandstone was laid throughout the area. For more pool coping options & information see our Coping & Paving page.


Customer Review.

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