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Tiled Swimming Pool


What makes us different?

  • 3rd Generation family of pool tilers, it's in our DNA we do not sub-contract our tiling work!
  • Detailed tiling cuts for corners and bends, we focus on every detail.
  • We understand that the most important part of tiling a swimming pool is the preparation, we have have everything in order prior to tiling.

This swimming pool was a marblesheen surface with sky blue ceramic tiles, it had a major rust problem under the skimmer box & the marblesheen was hollow in many areas.

After quite a big preparation process the pool was ready to be tiled.

The pool was tiled with a 58x58mm ceramic blue tile and the coping around the pool is a 30mm rainbow sandstone.

Click on a photo below for a closer look...
Marblesheen Pool surface Asbestos Tiling Pool Surface Marblesheen Resurfacing Melbourne Marblesheen Tiling Surface Complete Abestos marblesheen Surface renovation Fully Tiled Pool Surface Marblesheen Pool Steps before tiling Tiling Marblesheen Pool Steps After

Fully Tiled Pool Interior

The original pool had a Marble-sheen interior with ceramic waterline tiles, each tile size was 100mm x 100mm, they looked like old bathroom tiles.

On the top of the swimming pool was an edge of ceramic steps treads with a curved edge and a non-slip profile, behind the treads was an old 80's pebblecrete surrounding to complete the pool coping.

We jack hammered off all the pebblecrete and the ceramic step treads followed by the pool tiles.

Once we re-rendered the waterline area, we fully tiled the swimming pool and did the new coping over the pool.

As with all our pool renovations, we replaced all the pool fittings and the Hydro-static valve.