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Pool Resurfacing

Resurfacing Damaged Pool

This swimming pool was gradually damaged by movement & by nesting ducks!

We had to remove & re-lay all the coping bricks since the old surrounding concrete was laid against it without an expansion joint, the movement of the concrete pushed the pavers and coping damaging the pool tiles and lifting the bricks.

Repairs to the bricks & new swimming pool tiles revamped the look of the pool back into a more modern finish.

We then resurfaced & finished this pool with a white ultra-Smooth Pebble interior.

The surrounding fence was also covered by a high quality thick bamboo screening.

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Algae on pool surface Skye Stone pool rendering Clean a dirty pool Swimming Pool Interior Rendering Dirty Swimming Pool Restoration Cleaning Skye Stone Interior

This Pool's Story

Resurfacing a pond

The only thing missing was the fish!

This property / swimming pool shared a fence with a park in Wantirna Melbourne.

Due to the owners busy lifestyle maintenance was a small issue, she had tried everything but she also couldn't get the ducks to leave the pool, once ducks are born into an area, it is extremely hard to make them leave, they became very comfortable and would poop into the water creating this dirty pond.

Brick Coping

Because of the location, the ground would get very wet, creating extra movement, there was no expansion joint between the pool and the concreted area and all of this combined was making the bricks become loose and coming off from around the pool.

The brick coping was saved, we had to remove almost all the bricks and shave off some of the mortar, we stuck the bricks back on using an industrial strength adhesive for added flexibility and re-grouted the bricks where it was needed, not all the bricks required grouting as they would come off mostly in sections not individually.

Waterline Tiling 

The original tiles of the pool were affected by the movement of the bricks, the grout in-between the tiles had mostly come off or was stained permanently by the water.

We removed the tiles, repaired and smoothed out the original render followed by tiling the waterline and the edge of the steps. We used a Bl-6 Cotto pool tile and grouted in a Silver Gris colour.

Pool Resurfacing

Originally rendered with Marblesheen, as you can imagine we had to wash this surface several times but it was completely damaged by the duck poop and could not be salvaged.

Once this pool was as clean as possible we removed all the hollow areas of the pool surface, before we resurface a swimming pool we always do what is called a scratch coat as this is what helps bond the new surface to the original pool surface.

Through our many renovations we never seem to stop be amused at how many companies out there don't do a scratch coat before resurfacing causing interior to become hollow and need renovating!

Because we genuinely care about our service and the quality we deliver to our customers, we always do the scratch coat and never cut corners!

This pond was repaired and resurfaced back into a beautiful swimming pool to be enjoyed by our customer and her grandchildren.