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Tiler for Swimming Pools

A swimming pool tiler is a unique trade, professional swimming pool tilers should know more than just how to lay tiles, it's essential that pool tilers know about rendering, pool fittings, waterproofing and the appropriate materials needed to do this unique job.

Swimming Pool Tiler

Tilers for new pool builds

If you have recently built a new swimming pool or you may be planning to build a new pool, you're likely going to need a swimming pool tiler.

Attention: Owner builders and pool builders

Hire a swimming tiler with the experience you need, our swimming pool tilers know how to render & tile swimming pools the right way!

Not only do you get someone with experience in tiling, our tilers know how to prepare the concrete shell of the swimming pool, from repairing leaks in the concrete to knowing what to do with the details such as in-floor cleaners etc...

Most pool tilers don't know how to render swimming pools and require you to hire a renderer and so many pool tilers that may know how to tile, but don't know anything else about swimming pools, there is so much more to tiling a pool than sticking on tiles!

With experience dating back to the 70's and the help of our trained staff carrying on this experience, why would you risk going anywhere else, gives us a call and let us give your swimming pool the finish it deserves using our experience to deliver long lasting results.

If you are an owner builder, we can also help you with our contacts in swimming pool formwork, steel fixing, concrete / shotcrete & pool plumbers for the running of the pool pipes and the pool equipment supply and installation, including landscaping.

We can also help with the supply of swimming pool tiles if required.

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Should a swimming pool be tiled?

Maintenance of Fully tiled pools is the easiest of all pool interiors for concrete pools. Pools tiles are proven to last longer than any other pool interior. 
Tiles are the gentle on your skin as they are less abrasive than other traditional options, due to cost it is the most exclusive of pool interiors, but it is also by far the most luxurious.

Is tiling a swimming pool expensive?

Yes & No, it depends if you think that the short investment is expessive, but in reality the overall running costs of your swimming pool is less by having a fully tiled pool.
The upfront cost of swimming pool tiling is the most expensive of all pool interior options, it is also the cheapest in the long run.
Other swimming pool interiors have ongoing costs associated with them, normally in the form of maintenance, but they also have hidden costs, which come in the form of repairs or replacing the pool interior every few years.
With most pool interiors, if something goes wrong in a specific section of the pool, you may need to redo the entire pool surface in order to fix it, with swimming pool tiles it is possible to remove just the affected area and performs repairs, once repaired it can be tiled over using the sames pool tiles & you wouldn't even know or remember where the repair was done.

Things to consider when building a swimming pool

  The most obvious part of wanting to owner-build your own swimming pool is that most are doing owner-builder likely to save money on the build, this is common, but there is a few things to consider and what your spending should come into it, just not how you might think.

Owner builders should always keep in mind that you are saving on materials and the builders fees, nothing else, don't try to save on trades people, you will get what you pay for and that can ultimately be very costly. 

 The cheaper tradesmen, are truly the cheaper tradesmen... 

Since you are saving money on materials and the excessive builders fees, try to hire the best help you can get, ask lots of questions, and remember this, a swimming pool tiler should know about swimming pools, little details like a pool return, a maindrain, a hydro-static valve, a weir door, overflow etc… If your swimming pool tradie doesn’t know about some of these things (they should know all of them and much more) In our opinion then they are simply not a professional, in some instances you can also determine this by their price. 

You see, when a swimming pool tradesperson doesn’t know technical details about swimming pools it can be a red flag to their experience and then there is a lot of room for things to go wrong. 

If their prices are lower than other quotes...
This could be an indicator of them not knowing what the standard pricing might be, which also means there may be more they don't know! 

When you hire the cheapest quote to do a job, you should expect a below standard job & sadly you should expect that maybe, they are not the type of tradesmen that would be honouring their warranty, when you hire a swimming pool builder then you are protected by the builders warranty and a pool builder can hire the cheapest quote, ultimately the warranty will fall on them and that is a risky way to work. 

As an owner builder, you don’t have a finger to point at anyone except yourself, so make sure you hire the right people with the right knowledge, or you may find yourself chasing tradies and spending double or more the necessary to correct mistakes.  

The final thing to consider when building a swimming pool, is that a real tradesman will know other swimming pool tradesmen, if you need a swimming pool plumber and they don't know anyone, you should be worried, if you need a landscaper and your pool tiler doesn't know anyone, again... you should be worried.

Make sure you hire professionals that are registered with the swimming Pool Trades Group, not everyone is registered yet as it is a fairly new directory for swimming pool professionals, but it is a great start in your search for the team you may need for your swimming pool project.