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Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

Vic Pool Renovations can replace your vinyl pool liners!

In the pool industry we all get to know each other over the years and amongst ourselves we start to develop a keen eye for quality pool renovators, that's why we are happy to recommend Vic Pool Renovations.

Our Friends at Vic Pool Renovations have over 25 years of vinyl liner replacement experience, having recommended them previously and hearing feedback from past clients we are glad to continue recommending Vic Pool Renovations to anyone that needs a pool liner replacement.


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Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner 

When vinyl pools first started getting installed they looked very average with simple designs, white plastic coping edges and the liners where typically plain in colour.

Known as the flat pack pools of the pool industry, this meant that the vinyl liner swimming pool had a reputation for being cheap when compared to concrete pools.

However if you have a vinyl lined swimming pool there are alternatives to the liner you choose.

Vic Pool Renovations has some great choices with great designs and patterns to replace your current pool liner with.

The vinyl liner is vacuumed into the pool shell for a great fit, today’s vinyl liners can look sleek and classy.

Vinyl liners are now much thicker and the UV protection technology has advanced incredibly.

We think that vinyl liners today are very strong when compared to the original liners that were installed, so call Barry from Vic Pool Renovations on 0400 548 067


Vinyl Pool liner design example

Vinyl Pool Liner Colour Replacement


Concrete Pool Renovations

Here at Local Pool Renovations we don't do Vinyl pool liners, but we do renovate concrete swimming pools. 

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If you have a concrete swimming pool that you want to update, repair or renovate have a look at the rest of our website for what we have to offer you.