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Vinyl Pool Liners need replacing frequently.
You can also change from an inground pool liner to a concrete pool, find out how here!

Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

To replace a pool liner
Contact: Vic Pool Renovations on 0400 548 067
Visit their website! www.vicpoolrenovations.com.au 
Vic Pool Renovations can replace your vinyl pool liner!

In the pool industry we all get to know each other over the years and amongst ourselves we start to develop a keen eye for quality pool renovators, that's why we are happy to recommend Vic Pool Renovations.

Our Friends at Vic Pool Renovations have over 25 years of vinyl liner replacement experience, having recommended them previously and hearing feedback from past clients we are glad to continue recommending Vic Pool Renovations to anyone that needs a pool liner replacement.

Convert a vinyl liner pool to concrete

Can a vinyl pool be tiled?

No, a vinyl pool can not be tiled. 
Vinyl is essentially a form of rubber, tiles need to be installed on a strong rigid surface like concrete.
While some "tilers" may offer to tile over vinyl or fibreglass, it is important to know that tiling should not be done on any surface that is flexible & prone to movement.
Tiling over soft, non cementous / flexible surfaces will have the tiles falling off very quickly. 

Can vinyl liner be changed into a concrete pool?

In most cases, if you have an inground vinyl liner then yes a concrete pool can be built in its place. 

If you are considering replacing the vinyl liner, you can have the pool inspected to check if it is suitable for conversion into a concrete pool before making a decision. 

Beneath the liner you should have a concrete slab floor and cement sheet or metal panel walls, in these scenarios converting a vinyl pool into a concrete pool can be fairly straight forward.

Changing a vinyl liner to a concrete pool

The process of changing a vinyl liner to a concrete pool is similar though cheaper compared to building a new pool.

After the initial preparation, vinyl liner removal / cleaning / plumbing, the reinforcement bars would need to be installed and the pool will be concreted.

Once the new concreting is completed a waiting period will apply and a new surface can installed.

The standard surfaces are Tiling, Pebble interiors and Coping around the top of the pool.

Swimming pool surface options

You can click on an option to view more details.

Pool Tiling

Tiling can be done to just the waterline of the pool (around the top of the pool) or Fully Tiled to the whole of the pool interior.

Cost: The cost of pool tiling is the highest of any other surface and will vary depending on the size and shape of your swimming pool, this is because of the quality & durabilty of pool tiles. 

Pebble Interior

Pebble is a smooth cement based product that can last many years, normally applied below the waterline tiles of a swimming pool.

Cost: Pebble is usually more economical than tiles, this is because although it is a great product it doesn't normally last as long as tiles and is easier to install.

Coping pavers

Coping would be the finishing touch to your swimming pool, going around the top of your pool, available options such as Travertine, Granite and the two most popular Sandstone and Bluestone.

Cost: The cost will vary between the stone size, thickness and the shape vs distance covered by the swimming pool.

Concrete Pool Renovations

Here at Local Pool Renovations we don't do Vinyl pool liner replacements, but we do renovate concrete swimming pools and change vinyl pools into concrete. 
Call us on 0407 666 999
If you have a concrete swimming pool that you want to update, repair or renovate have a look at the rest of our website for what we have to offer you. 

Vinyl-liner Vinyl Pool Liners

The above image of a vinyl liner swimming pool is the work of Barry from Vic Pool Renovations

Vinyl_Pool_Liner_Colour_Replacement Vinyl Pool Liners

The image of a vinyl liner sample is up close and is the same liner that was used in the photo of the complete vinyl lined swimming pool.