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Pool Cleaner best for pool interiors

Best Pool Cleaner

Which is the best swimming pool cleaner?

When we renovate pools we notice a wide range of swimming pool cleaning products.

So we ask for customer opinions about their existing automatic pool cleaners.

We listened & learned that the most loved & recommended pool cleaner is...

"The Pool Cleaner"

The Pool Cleaner is a two rubber wheel suction powered cleaner, it connects to your skimmer box and cleans the pool for you.

  • No electrics, No re-charging.
  • Mechanically programmed to turn periodically & suits all pool shapes.
  • No Bags to change & spend on.
  • Fantastic climbing ability & doesn’t get stuck in tight places!

The Pool Cleaner has been such a reliable and popular product that it grabbed the attention of other pool giant companies.

These companies rebranded the automatic pool cleaner.

  • Hayward– as the “Hayward aquanaut 200
  • Stanley –as the“Stanley pool Cleaner
  • Waterco - as the “Waterco Swimkleen ATV Pool Cleaner

We value our customer feedback & that’s why we proudly supply the original version of this product.


Why is an automatic pool cleaner important?

If you do not choose the right cleaner you may be damaging your pool surface & find yourself doing more work maintaining your pool.

Can my automatic cleaner damage my painted pool?

Automatic cleaners such as Kreepy Krawleys ®, Barracudas ®, etc.. Will decrease the overall life of painted pool interiors especially on the pool floor & curves.

Best pool cleaner for painted pools

Automatic pool cleaners that move on rubber wheels do not affect the painted surface lifespan as much because they minimise hard contact with the pool surface.

Local Pool Renovations recommends “The Pool Cleaner” as the automatic cleaner of choice for painted pools.


The Pool Cleaner exclusive prices for Local Pool Renovations customers only!