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Swimming Pool Repairs Melbourne, we repair concrete swimming pools, pool tile repairs, quartzon / pebble repairs and coping repairs.  

Swimming Pool Repairs Melbourne

Pool Repair & Restoration Service

No repair job too small Pool repairs come in all sizes, we can help with the little things like tiles coming off or loose pool coping that needs to be secured. 
Local Pool Renovations does it all for you Pool problem solving has never been easier than contacting us to help you.
We can repair & restore your old swimming pool and turn it into a dazzling water feature regardless of your pools current surface.
Pool repairs are best done in Winter! Repairing your pool is usually best done in winter to avoid the summer rush.

Common Pool problems you may have...

  • Chalking or fading Swimming pool paint.
  • Swimming pool tiles falling off
  • Marblesheen or Quartzon staining & cracking
  • Coping lifting or cracks
  • Pool light repairs
  • Calcium in swimming pools or 
  • Rust in the pool surface
  • Quartzon pool interior crumbling & coming off
  • Leaks in a swimming pool

Repair & Restoration services

Repair & Restoration services beyond the labour work.
In our website we offer you the products and pool information page to research anything you need for your swimming pool restoration, this is where you find the information needed to understand which pool surface suits your needs & much more.

You can check on available colours or what the best chemical balance is for your pool, along with handy tips on how to maintain your newly renovated swimming pool.