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This page is updated regularly with links to local council websites pertaining to swimming pool bylaws.

How to find out when a swimming pool was built?

There are a few ways to find out when a swimming pool was built, the best was is to contact the company that built your swimming pool.

If the company is no longer around or you don't know who built it, then things can start to get a little tricky...

Your first point of contact should then be you local council, you can email your council asking them if there is any history of the pool that was built at your address, you must provide them with your address so they can search historical records for any permits, plans or any other information they might have available.

Just keep in mind that you may live in an area that is part of shared council land or may have been under different council care in the past, if your council cannot find any information on your swimming pool, you should ask.

Which council am I in?

Your Local government depends on which suburb you live in.

We have put together a list of areas we service and the councils these suburbs are a part of.

You can go through this list and click on your suburb to be taken to your council swimming pool information page.

You can go through the information they have provided for you or you can select their contact page to email them enquiring about your swimming pools build date.

Remember, if you see your suburb on this list, it also means we cover your area and can help renovate your swimming pool.

We do swimming pool tiling, painting, resurfacing and more!

Swimming pool service areas

Areas we Service

At Local Pool Renovations we try our best to be the swimming pool renovator "Near me" when you need to find someone to help with your swimming pool.

Fortunately we are able to help most of the time, LPR has a great team in different locations, currently we have a small fleet of vehicles throughout Melbourne and we are always searching for a way to grow our team in order to renovate every swimming pool we come across, however when we get busy it can be very hard to help everyone so we can only be "Local" to you when the timing is right.

We hope you understand and can wait for us to renovate your swimming pool during a time that is suitable.