Have your swimming pool professioanlly cleaned

We have available a range of pool cleaning options,

  1. Cleaning swimming pool tiles.
  2. Swimming pool interior standard clean.
  3. Pool Surface Cleaning Deluxe.
  4. Pool Coping & surrounding paving or concrete cleaning.
  5. Calcium Removal 

You may simply need a pool spring-clean or be getting ready to sell a home.

Sometimes you may be unsure if your pool needs renovating & a pool clean is all you may need to help make this decision.

With our comprehensive cleaning service you have the option to receive a detailed report on your pool condition.

We can clean your pool & you can decide after viewing the result if you would like a written quote on further pool repairs or resurfacing, completely obligation free.

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning.

Many customers call us with calcium problems & water stains on their swimming pool tiles.

We offer a detailed Pool Tile clean-up that includes repairing tiles that have fallen off.

We call this our Tile Buff & Shine Service.

Usually we do not need to empty the swimming pool to clean the top rows of swimming pool tiles.

There are many tile & grout cleaning companies out there, but most are not experts in swimming pools, so with us you would have a pool professional that also able to advise you of any other problems you may be having with your pool.


How to clean swimming pool tiles?

We use a carefully selected amount of chemicals in combination with a lot of elbow grease to clean your pool tiles.

The chemicals we use are normally already in your pool water, this way balancing your pool water again should be easy after we finish.

Because we are pool experts we do not use metals, no wire brushes or sponges, the unique process we use avoids most methods that may accidently scratch pool tiles.

So you might ask yourself... 

How to remove calcium in a swimming pool ?

You can remove calcium from tiles yourself depending on how long it has been on the tiles and pool surface, but if it has been years then you're probably better off giving us a call as there can be other problems such as fallen tiles and missing grout that we may also need to repair.

As a pool owner you should know, because calcium deposits are very common and best maintained regularly, we recommend the use of a Stanley PoolTec Pumice Stone this is because it is a strong enough to deal with tough calcium buildup on pool tiles and can also work on rendered surfaces such as Quartzon & Marblesheen.

It will require a fair amount of elbow grease, but once you're done, it will be much easier to maintain the pool calcium buildup problems on a regular basis, you can always call us for a one time pool clean and receive a complimentary Pumice stone for removing calcium and scale.

Pumice Cleaning Stone Calcium Buildup Pool Tiles


Pool tile cleaning before & after.

Calcium tile problem water stain cleaning repair before after Pool tile cleaning ceramic mosaics calcium water stain


Pool Interior / Surface Cleaning

Cleaning swimming pool interiors is very common, in particular when pool owners come back from overseas and the pool is green, however most times pool owners forget about the swimming pool in winter and hurry to have it clean again for the swimming season.

We know these things can happen and we have seen it all... there is no need to be embarrassed, we clean up all types of messy pools. 

Sometimes, cleaning just the pool water is not enough as the stain of the water can still leave algae and bacteria in the pool surface and cause issues such as algae growth.

When is the best time to clean a swimming pool?

Autumn, Winter & Spring. Depending on the type of pool surface you own... autumn, winter & spring is the best time to empty your swimming pool for a cleaning service, this is because during the warmer months of summer there is a risk that your pool surface can crack and become hollow, fully tiled pools are particularly vulnerable as the tiles may start lifting from the pool floor & in some cases the walls that recieve the most direct sunlight.

Does it mean the pool should not be emptied? no, in most cases swimming pools will need to be emptied. As swimming pool experts we will be able to advise you when the right time is and the type of cleaning your pool needs.


Pebblecrete, paving & concrete cleaning

As well as your swimming pool, we can also include concrete and paving cleaning.

Pebblecrete concrete paving cleaning coping

What you get in our pool cleaning packages.
Standard pool clean

small green tickPool Interior Cleaning. (High pressure + chemical clean)

small green tickRe-laying of fallen pool tiles. (up to 15 tiles on basic package)

small green tickOptional pool condition report.

small green tickOptional pool renovation quote.

small green tickHydro-static valve replacement.

Deluxe pool clean

small green tickPool Surface Cleaning. (High pressure + double chemical clean)

small green tickRe-laying of fallen pool tiles. (up to 50 tiles on basic package)

small green tickTile buff & Calcium removal.

small green tickOptional pool condition report.

small green tickOptional pool renovation quote.

small green tickHydro-static valve replacement.

small green tickNew pool interior fittings.


Salt Chlorinator Cell cleaning.Salt Pool Chlorinator Clean Replacement


Swimming Pool high pressure cleaning swimming pool chemical cleaning