LED Pool light repair and replacement


Replacement swimming pool light Melbourne.

Primarily for safety reasons, pool lights can make visibility better in and out of the water, making it easier to keep an eye out for yourself and your children on hot summer nights.

Entertaining visitors & party hosting is much more fun when your pool is in colour transition mode. You can set the mood and keep the party going.


LED vs Halogen pool lights - Make the switch!


LED Swimming Pool Lights

When upgrading to LED Pool Lights, there is some information you should consider.

LED pool lights are growing in popularity and are being used in almost every industry from housing to swimming pool and cars. Though Halogen lights are cheaper, the swimming pool range typically have a few problems like failing light globes and leaking water seals that do not apply to the LED range of swimming pool lights.

LED pool lighting technology has advanced more than any other swimming pool technology in the past 10 years!

LED lights are now cheaper to manufacture, give out more light and use less energy than halogen lights. Making LED lights more appealing to anyone wanting to install lights during their pool renovation.


Can new LED lights be installed into an existing pool?

For swimming pool renovations a surface mounted light is usually installed on the surface of the pool interior.

When installing new LED lights into an existing swimming pool, it is far easier to use the existing lighting conduits or core drill from the top of the pool shell down the wall for new light installations.


How Many Lights does a pool need? Where should they be installed?

When deciding how many lights your pool needs you should take into consideration the size of the pool, pool shape & type of pool surface,

Other factors to consider:

The colour of your pool can have some effect on how well your pool lights up, but it's not so much the colour itself it is mostly the tone of your pool, most pools have blue pool interiors either light blue or dark blue, sometimes in-between. 

To have an understanding of what the effects of an LED pool light might have, it is best described as light vs dark coloured pool surface, which also applies to light blues & dark blues (& everyother colour).

  • Is it a light coloured pool surface? Remember.. White will be bright! white will help reflect the light from your LED pool light.
  • Is it a dark coloured pool surface? A black pool interior will absorb much of the light and reflect less, this can have a beautiful blended effect of colours and shadows so more lights may not be required depending on the effect you want.
Pool Design 

To fit that look your  after you should also consider including the overall effect you are trying to achieve for your home, modern and bright for lots of pool party entertaining? Or calm and relaxed with the odd hot night dip in the water?

In our opinion for most swimming pools only one light is needed if the LED light is located & centred to middle of the pool, also when there is enough light to clearly see the pool steps.

We usually recommend that the LED light be facing away from an entertainment area, the light in your swimming pool should not be facing the house windows / living areas, this is because LED lights can be very bright, it’s best to see your pool glow in your chosen colour, rather than be overwhelming and cause a glare when you look at the pool.

See our recommended locations for LED lights inside swimming pools. You will need to take into consideration factors such as the location of the pool steps and other seating areas, as well as the direction of the swimming pool from where the house / enterntainment area is located.


Rectangle Swimming Pool

correct pool LED pool light location inside a 7 metre rectangle swimming poolCorrect light location for swimming pool

Kidney Shape Swimming Pool

Best LED light location small kidney shaped swimming poolWhat the right location is for led lighting inside a large kidney shape swimming pool

Irregular Shaped Swimming Pool

irregular shape pool correct light locationirregular pool light location free form pool


Imported LED lights vs Australian made.

Though you can buy LED pool lights cheaper on places such as Ebay, Australian brand LED lights are actually the world leaders in LED swimming pool lights.

LED pool lights usually spreads light more evenly around the swimming pool surface. Imported lights usually have less LED bulbs within the circuit (less bright) and don’t normally last anywhere near as long.

In our opinion, Spa Electrics & Waterco produce the best replacement LED lights.

Typical LED lights used during pool renovations.


Spa Electrics

SpaElectrics Spa Electrics Replacement LED Retro fit LED Pool Light Surface Mounted Melbourne


WaterCo LED Swimming Pool Lights Melbourne Surface Mounted Retro Fit Replacement


Pool Light Safety & Transformers


Some older swimming pools still have 240v cable leading into the swimming pool! This is because the transformer used to be built in at the back of the light unit, meaning that while the globe may have used less voltage (like 36v) there was still a 240v cable sealed into the light under water! If you have one of these, do not try to uninstall it yourself, an electrician is required by law.

Fortunately LED pool lights typically use only 12V compared to a house (240V) and the new transformers now are normally installed near the pool equipment.

A pool light transformer is used to reduce the voltage from 240v to 12v. (Depending on your pool light)

Pool lights might use different voltages such as 36V, 32V, 24V, 22V and 12V, however most new LED lights are 12v, anything above 12v requires an electrician for installation.

LED pool light Information.
  • Running cost is estimated at 4 cents a day if used daily.
  • LED pool lights are brighter than Halogen lights.
  • LED lights can last well over 7 years!
  • Choice of single coloured, 3 Coloured or Multi 8+ colours.


Halogen Pool Light Information

Halogen lights can cost up to $1 a day to run if used daily, feedback from customers is that the halogen lights are not as bright compared to LED lights.

Halogen lights have a much shorter lifespan, this is due to the rubber O-ring around the light deteriorating and needing replacement, once water enters the light chamber it blows the fuse, which can cost around $80 to replace!

The only way to have a different colour light is to have replacement light covers, usually very fiddley and hard to exchange between them, this is because halogen lights do not change colour they are always a white globe.


Coloured LED pool light options
  • Single colour LED is a steady pre-chosen colour.
  • Tri-colour LED lets you choose a steady light out of three colours.
  • Multi-colour LED 8 colours+ this light lets you choose a steady colour or you can make the colours alternate automatically.

Remote control swimming pool lights.

Now you can purchase an optional remote control system made specifically for LED lights that can switch them on/off and remotely choose your colour settings.

This remote system is connected via your pool light transformer and requires additional work. There are also options where you can control the pool lights via a mobile app!