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When is the right time to paint a swimming pool?

We can quote painting your swimming pool anytime of the year, however the right time to paint your pool is when the weather is suitable for painting.

In Melbourne we start Painting swimming pools in late October & usually stop around Mid-April.

Usually to paint a pool we need at least 3 days without rain and the temperature to be above 19 degrees.


Q: When should I repaint my swimming pool?

A: There are three telltale signs that your swimming pool needs to be repainted:

  1. Pool Paint is rubbing off (Chalking) 
  2. Pool paint has faded.
  3. Painting a swimming pool to sell your home.


Will painting a swimming pool before selling a home increase the equity of a house?

In short, Yes.

We regularly are asked to repair pools prior to the sale of a property.

The most important part of selling your home with a swimming pool is that the pool doesn't show any signs of structural damage, this is because home buyers will always look at potential expenses.

In our experience when dealing with real estates selling homes with pools.

When painting a pool the usual equity return is $2 for every $1 spent due to the fresh new look, but equally as important is that having a good looking swimming pool normally sells your home faster.


2pack Epoxy pool paint

Epoxy Pool Paint is a high build epoxy coating system that has been designed specifically for swimming pools.

This makes it much thicker & more durable than the average outdoor house paint.


How long does swimming pool paint last?

If painting with a light colour your epoxy paint may last at least 7 - 10 years with strict control of chemicals & water quality at all times.
Darker colours may last proportionately less than lighter colours. this is because typically darkers colours make it more obvious that the paint is fading.


Swimming pool paint has a 2.5 Star Maintenance Rating, this means that regular maintenance is required.

Painted Pool Maintenance Rating 


Epoxy Pool Paint Available Colours

Blue Pool Paint






Blue-Green Pool Paint




Green Pool Paint





Miscellaneous Pool Paint Colours






Designer / Custom Colours 

(Custom Colours made to order) Designer colours “CC” incur additional charges.

Atlantis Atlantis CC

Deep-Ocean Deep-Ocean CC

Devonport Devenport CC

Slate Slate CC

Turquoise Turquoise CC