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Swimming Pool Products and Services

Local Pool Renovations offer a range of products and services. Check them out!

Here we give you general pool and product information, colour guides & advice about some of our most popular pool products.

LED Pool Lights

Information about swimming pool lights. Halogen vs LED which is better? 
There’s no comparison LED are more reliable & better pool lights - Make the switch

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Pool Coping Renovation

Stone coping & paving is a lasting option to decorate the space around the pool. There are many paver options and here you will see a few of our recommended choices.

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Poolside Paving Paint

Paving Paint Melbourne Supplier Distributor PoolsPoolside Paving paint is an excellent choice that won't break your budget. If you are considering repairs then Poolside Paving Paint is what you are searching for.

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Fibreglass Pool Removal

Removal Swimming Pool FibreglassFibreglass Pool Removal Service Melbourne, Many fibreglass pools are currently being removed, some for the extra space, others because customers are changing to concrete pools.

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The Best Pool Cleaner

Best Pool CleanerWe asked for opinions from customers about their existing pool cleaners. The most loved & reliable auto-cleaner is without a doubt The Pool Cleaner

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Pool Building & Construction

Building swimming pool construction MelbournePool Builder Melbourne... Here you will view some of our pool construction work, from building steps to changing the shape of a swimming pool & converting a vinyl pool to a concrete pool.

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