Pebble Pool maintenance and care

Pebble Maintenance Guide

How to maintain a swimming pool.

Here we guide you about how to care for your rendered pool interior.

This guide applies to Skye Pebble interiors.

Download this PDF file below for your maintenance instructions.

DownloadSkye Pebble Maintenance Guide


Having a Pebble Pool Interior means that you are choosing a reliable & sturdy surface for your pool that can last many years with adequate care.

We recommend that you pay close attention to the instructions.

Check on your pool regularly to apply the information set within the guide.

The swimming pool must be brushed frequently and regularly to begin with as to not allow the plaster sediment to settle, we recommend every 3 days for the first month, the sediment should also be vacuumed to waste.

You might also be able to apply these instructions for.

  • Plasters / Renders
  • Quartzon
  • Marblesheen
  • Glass bead
  • Pebblecrete
  • Beadcrete


Also, pay extra attention to the pH instructions.

One of the most important things to look out for is the pH that should be no less than 7.2 > 7.4

Failure to do this might cause a rough film to spread throughout the pool surface, skimmer box, pipes etc… this can happen to any pool surface, not just rendered interiors and is not a sign of something going wrong because of the pool interior, this is a maintenance problem and it should be dealt with swiftly.

Check with your local pool shop to be sure it is applicable for your pool.

If you don't want to maintain your pool yourself

Have My Pool Guy look after your pool.

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