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LED pool lights

LED Pool light repair and replacement
LED Pool Light Installation Melbourne.
Swimming pool lighting is every pools magical feature.

Primarily for safety reasons, pool lights can make visibility better in and out of the water, making it easier to keep an eye out for yourself and your children on hot summer nights.

Entertaining visitors & party hosting is much more fun when your pool is in colour transition mode. You can set the mood and keep the party going.


LED vs Halogen pool lights - Make the switch!


LED pool lights.
  • Running cost is estimated at 4 cents a day if used daily.
  • LED pool lights are brighter than Halogen lights.
  • LED lights can last well over 7 years!
  • Choice of single coloured, 3 Coloured or Multi 8+ colours.


Halogen Lights.

Halogen lights can cost up to $1 a day to run if used daily, feedback from customers is that the halogen lights are not as bright compared to LED lights.

Halogen lights have a much shorter lifespan, this is due to the rubber O-ring around the light deteriorating and needing replacement, once water enters the light chamber it blows the fuse, which can cost around $80 to replace!

The only way to have a different colour light is to have replacement light covers, usually very fiddley and hard to exchange between them, this is because halogen lights do not change colour they are always a white globe.


There are three main pool light options

  • Single colour LED is a steady pre-chosen colour.
  • Tri-colour LED lets you choose a steady light out of three colours.
  • Multi-colour LED 8 colours+ this light lets you choose a steady colour or you can make the colours alternate automatically.
Swimming pool light remote control.

Now you can purchase an optional remote control made specifically for LED lights that can switch them on/off and remotely choose your colour settings. This remote system is connected via your pool light transformer and requires additional work.