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Skye Pebble Interior Colours

Skye Pebble Pool Interior
3.5 Star Maintenance Rating

Pool Interior Maintenance Rating

Skye Pebble Pool Interior Colours
The full size images of the Skye Ultra-Smooth Pebble are magnified & is much smaller in actual size.
What is Skye Pebble?

Skye Ultra-Smooth Pebble is a smooth rendered pool interior that lasts on average over 15 years+ and that’s why we give a great warranty!

Can my pool be rendered with Skye Pebble?

If you have a concrete pool, Yes.

Skye Ultra-Smooth Pebble is a cement based & ultra-smooth pebble interior that outlasts many other rendered pool surfaces!

What is the best colour for my pool?

At Local Pool Renovations we love to help and can discuss these options with you face to face.

Skye Ultra-Smooth Pebble Interiors come in a variety of different colours. We have an extended range aside from what is displayed online.

The full size images of the Skye Ultra-Smooth Pebble are magnified & the product detail is small and fine in actual size.

The actual size resembles closer to what is displayed in the smaller thumbnails.

Beach pool interiorBeach

Cobalt Blue pool interiorCobalt Blue

Green pool interiorGreen

Grey pool interiorGrey

Light Blue pool interiorLight Blue

Pacific Blue pool interiorPacific Blue

Royal Blue pool interiorRoyal Blue

Skye Blue pool interiorSky Blue

Skye White pool interiorSky White